Preventing Worker Injury and Deaths

The death of a worker on the job is tragic for many reasons. One is that a family has lost a part of their lives, their source of income, their father, their mother and a part of themselves.

A company has lost a worker. One who cannot be easily replaced. There will be investigations, possibly a shutdown, fines and costly litigation.

Coworkers have lost one of their own, a sister or brother worker. They will be sad, angry, unproductive and overly cautious. The work quality may suffer.

In 2017, America lost 4,836 workers to on the job deaths. Many thousands more are injured on the job, not being able to return to productive work. While I am not going to go into the breakdown of each of these the causes range from unsafe work practices to workplace violence.

OSHA rules have prevented many of these injuries but more work needs to be done to thwart as many more of these needless deaths and injuries as possible.

One are which our company strives to help in is the issue of proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). This runs the gamut from reflective apparel to gloves and face masks.

As a family whose members are in construction and the fire service, safety is our top priority. This is the first and foremost reason we decided to add a line of safety apparel and uniforms to our growing line of products.

If you love yourself and your family then order your PPE today.

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