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May 18, 2021

We here at the FPS companies and brands have been working diligently non-stop since the start of the pandemic.

It seems that the worst is over for the United States and the death rate has dropped as inoculations have gone up. This does not mean we have defeated this virus, just won the death battle. Time will reveal what lasting damage this will have on the human population and for that reason we will continue to carry extended types of PPE in case we have any type of resurgence.

A special thanks to all those nameless heros around the world which worked tirelessly through the pandemic caring for us, working on a vaccine and keeping our supply pipelines open even during the toughest times. Our entire staff thanks you. – Dennis

Our team is currently working on our online product ordering systems to get the items in stock uploaded for ordering as people are coming roaring back to work.

If there is a product or service you do not see on our site please contact us as that does not mean we don’t carry it. With over 800,000 items to upload and update it does take some time.

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